Lizzie Simmons

Lizzie has worked in recruitment for two years after previously completing a Business Administration apprenticeship and beginning her career in sales admininstration.

Lizzie loves the IT market and how passionate technical candidates are about their role and what it entails. Having previously worked in a different sector she really noticed a difference in her desire to not only fill roles but actually learn about the technologies.

Lizzie is a very good recruitment agent.  I have spoken with many in the past, and most are forgettable however Lizzie seems to have a unique mix of personable skills, good morals and values, honesty, and a specific direct and sensitive approach that make working with her a pleasure and really very easy.  For someone who was still in secondary school this decade, she is very professional, worldly, experienced and has empathy, especially when considering she is someone who has a lot of life ahead yet… Thanks Lizzie – Contractor