6 Tips to Improve your Tech Recruitment Strategy

  • December 13, 2021

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With projections anticipating that the demand for software developers will grow almost 3.5 times faster than other professions, the struggle to find the right skillset and talent amongst candidate pools is set to become a tougher task than ever. Developing the right recruiting strategy is crucial if your business is to attract and keep the best people.


Tech recruitment is only going to get more competitive

Has your organisation experienced the phenomenon of The Great Resignation? 41% of the global workforce is poised to leave their current employer, and market movement is at an all-time high.

The long and short of The Great Resignation is that people want more from work, and they know there’s someone out there who will give it to them if their current employer won’t.

These days, your organisation needs to be the one that recognises this and the power that employees hold – and deserve to hold – about the direction they want their careers and lives to take. Developing a recruitment strategy that recognises the new world we live in will be an essential part of your R&R strategy moving into 2022 and beyond.


Speed is of the essence in tech recruitment

Tech has always been a fast-moving market, but with current conditions, massive shifts in the market and a talent shortage are meaning that the hiring process is on permanent fast-forward. There’s no room for dragging your heels – quick, decisive action is what is needed.

This is far easier to achieve when you have a solid recruitment strategy and process mapped out for your organisation.

Tackling the challenges left in the wake of the past two years is going to take a robust strategic action plan. Read on to find out our top tips to improve your tech recruitment strategy.


1. Work from home or go home

Offer remote or hybrid working to widen the talent pool and remove geographical barriers. 80% of workers want to work from home at least part of the time – if you’re not on board, they won’t be either.

2. Improve candidate experience

Candidate experience before, during and after the recruitment process is a huge contributor to your employer brand. Whether a candidate is successful or not, they should leave the process with a positive impression of you as a potential employer. The power of the bad review should not be overlooked, and this applies in the world of recruitment marketing as much as product marketing. Word of mouth will massively impact your talent acquisition.

3. Case-based screening

Preselecting potential candidates using case-based reasoning has been evidentially proven to be the most accurate predictor of job performance. The predictive validity of case-based screening outweighs that of cover letters, CVs and interviews. Giving candidates a case study for which they need to provide solutions mimics what they would be expected to do in their job and standardises the assessment process for each candidate. Even interviews do not provide this level of objective assessment – structured interviews are still not a level playing field, as conversations take individual paths and implicit biases like affinity bias come into play. Strengths and weaknesses are instantly exposed with case-based screening, meaning you can be more certain you’re making the right hire.

4. Focus on soft skills

Gone are the days where STEM skills and experience were all it took to get a job offer. Of course, specialist skillsets are always going to matter, but especially when it comes to leadership roles in tech, now we understand it’s the soft skills that make the hard skills practicable in everyday life. Human qualities are what will drive businesses forward and create a winning culture that can see people through change, particularly in a scaling business.

5. Improve diversity and inclusion

We are passionate advocates for diversity and inclusion at IntecSelect. All businesses should create an environment where everyone within it can thrive. Inclusive recruitment creates bigger pools of talent, and inclusivity should be a value that pervades your entire organisation to ensure that it carries through from the recruitment process to the daily experience of working there for all.

6. Refine your interview process

Just because you’ve always had a three-interview hiring process doesn’t mean that’s the best way to go about recruiting. With improved pre-selection tools, a strong recruitment partner and video technology, it’s possible to reduce the timeframe for the selection process down dramatically. Candidates want smooth experiences, and they also want the least disruption to their lives whilst going through the selection process.


A recruitment partner can help create a solid recruitment strategy

A good recruitment partner is like an extension of your team. A partnership with a recruiter should result in a working relationship with goals and objectives align, and where growing and developing your teams is a collaborative process.


We can use our breadth of experience to assist you in building a tech recruitment strategy that meets the needs of the modern business landscape. Contact us to find out more about how we can work together.


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